Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures!

We return to the ocean in this episode talking all about the animals of the ocean. We talk about mysterious shark disappearances,  mythological creatures, and washed up carcasses we can't identify! What do you think these animals are? Listen and let us know!

Life on Mars!

Season 7 keeps rolling, with a new episode. In this episode, JC3, Tony, and Wst talk about the red planet, Mars! We look at many pictures in this episode and debate what we are looking at. Are they just rocks? Or are there skulls, flowers, and ghosts on Mars? Tune in and listen!

Secrets of the Mariana Trench!

In our  Season 7 Premier episode, we talk about the deepest part of our planet, the Mariana Trench!  We have a full booth talk about the pressure, historical treaties, and the life that lives in one of the most extreme places on Earth.

Christianity Today & Season 6 Recap!

In our  Season 6 Finale, we talk about the state of Christianity in 2022. Watch Big Joe and Tony get heated in a debate. We recap the likes and dislikes of this season and preview what season 7 is gonna be all about!

Bad Pope, Bad Pope Whatcha Gonna Do?

It's hard out here for a Pope! When you are the leader of over a billion Catholics, all eyes are on you. You are held to the highest standard. Well, not every Pope makes the cut. In this weeks episode we talk about the worst Popes who ever led the Catholic Church.

Mysteries of the Vatican!

What is the Vatican hiding in it's secret vaults and archives? On this week's episode we talk about what might be there. It could be proof of alien life, instructions on how to see through time, or maybe a evil presence just biding its time. tune in to find out!

Do YOU Believe in the AntiChrist?

Is the AntiChrist real? What is it?  On this week's episode, the guys talk about what they think the Antichrist is, what forms it will take, and when it is coming. Are we living in the end times? Is Judgement almost upon us? Tune into this weeks episode to hear what we think!

The Relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Jesus Christ was the son of God. He was divine. But he was also human and human are flawed and we have needs. Was there a relationship between the savior of the Messiah of the Catholic church and a prostitute? Was Mary Magdalene even a prostitute? Did they create something together? Tune in to find out!

The Myth of Jesus Christ

On this episode, join Big Joe, JC3, Ryu and Tony as they discuss if Jesus walked the Earth, did he really preform any miracles, and was Jesus human, divine or both!  This episode also kick-started the second half of Season 6 !

Neo Feudalism

Sito had a great idea for a episode topic and here it is! Sito sits down with Big Joe, JC3 and Ryu to talk about Neo Feudalism and how it impacts the world today!