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Thank You! New Episode! Live Time!

On Saturday, September 3rd, I posted a video on Tiktok and it now sits at over 130, 000 views! We gained a few hundred followers and sparked a debate on our Tiktok page about space, the (lack of ) firmament, and NASA. On behalf of us here at Is This Real?, we just wanted to say thank you for all the fun we have been having. It means the world and we hope to post more videos in the future that can generate such interaction. It's what we wanted!

Life on Mars dropped this past Sunday and what an episode it was! JC3, Mr. Wst and I spend the hour talking about all things Mars! There are a lot of photos that JC3 and I go head to head arguing about! We discussed different theories about how Mars came to known as the "Red Planet." Mars, and Mr. Wst tries to contact Daddy Elon. We had a lot of fun making this episode.

We tend to record new episodes on Thursday nights. After goofing around and setting up we tend to wrap up around 9:45pm. So from now on we are going to go Live on Tiktok starting at 10pm! So if you want to chat with us live, check out our Tiktok page around 10pm every Thursday!

Here is our linktree -

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