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Life on Mars!

Episode 2 of Season 7 is now live on all podcast platforms and YouTube! This was a great episode! JC3, Mr. Wst and I go through the theories, hoaxes and photos of the Red Planet. Here are just a few pictures that we debated over!

Is this an ancient pyramid on Mars, buried in the planet? Is this just a rock face sticking out from the ground? We can't decide and there is no other evidence than just this photo! What do you think it is? Sound off in the comments!

We know that this is not a flying saucer, or a UFO because, as JC3 so elegantly pointed out, it isn't flying. It is just an "UO," an unidentified object. We can't figure it out and its is the subject of a funny moment on this episode of Is This Real?

The "Ghost" on Mars. JC3 and I debated over this one. He thinks it could be a ghost but doesn't provide any evidence over who this ghost might be. Meanwhile, I argued that it was just dust kicking up but I can't prove it because this photo is so pixelated and grainy. What do you think?

Check out these and other photos from and check out Is This Real? podcast!

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