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Green Arrow Media does not exist without our Angry Uncle Keith. He was there when Green Arrow was just an idea. When we decided to go into business, he was there to help us buy our first pieces of equipment. Our uncle was a man who spared no expense, and supported us every step of the way. 

When we were up and running, he took his place in the booth and began a show called "Angry Uncle." On this podcast he screamed about politics and the changing world we live in. He was funny, loud, and above all, angry. It would only last nine episodes.

We lost our beloved Angry Uncle on November 25, 2020. Losing Keith was as unexpected as it was devastating. Not only did we lose our Uncle, we lost a man who was just beginning to find his voice at the microphone. 

Although losing him was terrible painful, we knew we could not stop creating podcasts, videos and other media content. Doing so would have not honored his life, hard work and dedication he put into Green Arrow Media. To honor him, we named our booth the "Keith Vincent Caiola Studio." We love you Uncle Keith. We miss you.


Rest in Peace. 7/18/63 - 11/25/20

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